About Us
MPA stands for the Magazine Publishers Association.
MPA Malaysia is the industry association for consumer
magazines in Malaysia. We pride ourselves in being the
primary source of information and references pertaining
to the magazine publishing industry.

This information is available for members, advertisers
and the community. We are constantly looking to provide
information based upon the Malaysian magazine market,
including industry statistics, research, news and events.

Our Mission
Our mission is to support and promote the editorial,
economic vitality and integrity of MPA members.
To advocate and litigate on behalf of the industry.
To be the marketing force that increases the share
that magazines capture of advertising dollars and
readers time and money.

To be the primary source of information and expertise
about the publishing industry for both it’s members
and the community at large. To build confidence in the
future of magazines. To increase our share of advertising
dollars. Protect our interests in the government arena.
Promote magazine readership and sales.